Ceramics and Drawings Inspired by the Growth and Movement of Flora


Sunflower Drawing by Natasha EptonRose jugs (24×22cm approx)by Natasha EptonDaffodil Drawing by Natasha Epton

I live and work in the Chew Valley. My work is inspired by my surroundings and the transition that takes place between different seasons, from the bright, hot, summer to the cool delicate winter. My aim is to capture something that is not purely visual but a multi- sensory experience.

This multi- sensory approach is also an essential part of the work that I have been developing and exploring with different groups of people in their response to art and creativity.

In my practice I work in a variety of different ways to capture different sensations. These include, walking in the open air, taking photos to capture seasonal light and different habitats in which things grow, such as meadows and hedgerows. I make large, gestural drawings to capture growth, movement and energy often working from live subjects. This experience is then translated into my clay work and transformed into a 3-d vessel form, a jug or a vase.

Each ceramic piece is individually hand crafted using slab- building techniques. The function of the piece evolves with its form incorporating a spout, a handle or a curl. Designs are scored into the surface of the clay and painted using colourful layers of earthenware slip. Each piece is bisque fired to 1000 degrees then glazed and fired to a final temperature of 1100 degrees.

The final piece is a unique piece of ceramic art that has been developed through many different processes. It is both decorative and functional and can be used to hold liquid as a vase or a jug.


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