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The Magic Suitcase.

The Magic Suitcase.

I have developed a series of multi-sensory art projects in collaboration with The Courtauld Institute of Art and Ravensbourne Special Needs School . This has involved Gallery workshops and Outreach workshops in the school. I have used this approach in other art projects and teaching I have been involved with to make art a more accessible and stimulating experience.

Circling the Square an exhibition of Russian Avant Garde Ceramics held in the Hermitage Rooms at Somerset House was the source of inspiration for one of these projects.Ideas focused on the form and function of a jug. Here are some photos that give a  flavour of this project.

Please do not hesitate to contact me for more details about this work.


The Contents of the Suitcase.

The Contents of the Suitcase.

A Ball of Clay

A Ball of Clay.

The starting point for a ceramic jug…..

A Two Piece Mould

A Two Piece Mould

A prop to describe how the jug is made…..

A Pallette of Colour

A Pallette of Colour

Decorating the jug….

Firing the Jug

Firing the Jug

The final part of the process.

Become a Part of the Picture:

Me and the Magic Suitcase

A magic suitcase project inspired by the Fauve painting La Danse by Andre Derain.

 We explored ideas in connection with La Danse and pupils made responses in a variety of different creative ways. Here are some photos to give a flavour of this project.