Next showing as part of The Chew Valley Art Trail, open studios.

Chew Valley Art Trail Brochure

I will be having an open studio on the 13th and 14th of October as a part of the Chew Valley Arts Trail. If you would like to come and visit me and find out more about my work please do come along.

My venue is number 15, Church lane Cottage, Church Lane, Stanton Drew, Bristol, BS39 4Ew.

Here is a map that shows you where this is on the trail.

Map of the art trail

I look forward to seeing you …

The National Amateur Gardening Show 31/08/07- 2/09/07





National Amateur Gardening Show Document

Natasha Epton’s Stand at The National Amateur Gardening Show

Natasha Epton in the Studio I recently displayed a large collection of work at this event which was a great opportunity to meet some of my customers and make contact with potential new ones.

If you saw me at this event and are interested in any of the works that were on display please don’t hesitate to contact me:

email: telephone: 01275 331528

Alternatively you can contact me to arrange a visit to my studio.

I have published a selection of work below that represents a good cross section of my work that is available. The work comes in a variety of different sizes. Prices range from £35 to £120 for original ceramics and £250 to £300 for original oil pastel drawings.

If there is anything that you saw at the show that isn’t displayed here please do call or email me to discuss your requirements.


Unique Ceramics and Original Oil Pastel Drawings. A cross section of work available.

As seen at the National Amateur Gardening Show:




Sunflower Vase(22×19x13 cm)by Natasha Epton Daffodil Jug(22×15x8cm)by Natasha Epton Primrose Jug(16×7x16cm)by Natasha Epton Gelder Rose Jug(15×9x12cm) Wood Anenome Jug by Natasha Epton





Tansy Jug by Natasha Epton Sweetpea jugs by Natasha Epton Lavender Jugs by Natasha Epton Ox Eye Daisy Collection by Natasha Epton





Original Oil Pastel Drawing by Natasha Epton Foxglove drawing (100×60cm)by Natasha Epton Original Oil Pastel Drawing by Natasha Epton

Oil pastel drawings also available: Poppies £300 ( Sold) Sunflowers £285 (Sold)Ladies Smock £285(Available)

The Magic Suitcase.

The Magic Suitcase.

I have developed a series of multi-sensory art projects in collaboration with The Courtauld Institute of Art and Ravensbourne Special Needs School . This has involved Gallery workshops and Outreach workshops in the school. I have used this approach in other art projects and teaching I have been involved with to make art a more accessible and stimulating experience.

Circling the Square an exhibition of Russian Avant Garde Ceramics held in the Hermitage Rooms at Somerset House was the source of inspiration for one of these projects.Ideas focused on the form and function of a jug. Here are some photos that give a  flavour of this project.

Please do not hesitate to contact me for more details about this work.

The Contents of the Suitcase.

The Contents of the Suitcase.

A Ball of Clay

A Ball of Clay.

The starting point for a ceramic jug…..

A Two Piece Mould

A Two Piece Mould

A prop to describe how the jug is made…..